Tuesday, 17 April 2012

SEO Service

The common world SEO Service is so strong that the SEO Service providers are respected a lot by the people. This is due to the fact that people earn about 6-7 figure sum from a website if they are a retailer and a 5-6 figure sum if they are home users. This is their earning per month. But many sites are not search engine friendly. If the site is at least friendly to Google search engine, then it can be said that it will be friendly to other search engines. 

Usually people who do not perform SEO Service to their website lose about 3,000$/day. If this is the case people who do not perform SEO Service are always losing money till they perform SEO Service to a website. Some of the research findings even suggest that an average merchant profile consists of 73,000 unique pages with 14% yield via search traffic.  Of them each page generates 2.4 keywords and they give 1.9 visits/month. There happen about 189,000 brand searches per month but the total traffic for non-branded keywords exceeds 7,000,000. This makes SEO Service a necessity.

To improve the keywords to drive traffic one can use the Overture’s Keyword Selector tool, WordTracker.com, Keyworddiscovery.com, Google Suggest, Google trends and Google Keyword tool to derive good keywords for the website and SEO Service. Using these tools one can generate a whole lot of keywords that can drive traffic for SEO Service. Then, calculate the Keyword Effectiveness Indicator as the higher the KEI score the more attractive is the keyword for SEO Service. 

Then to improve SEO Service, keep a keyword focus for each page and then keep the keyword high in the HTML of the page to get keyword prominence. Each page must have at least 200-250 words and use keywords in page titles. Of all pages in SEO Service, the most important page will be the Home page. Use H1 and H2 tags properly and consistently as they give good keyword prominence. Build contextual links and specifically use text links rather than the graphics, as text links are good for SEO Service. Use keywords in alternate text as it helps in SEO Service of images. Meta tags don’t improve ranking but Meta description influences the searchers.

Inbound links improve rankings. So, get as many inbound links as possible, and if you are able to get links from high PageRank websites, you generate greater popularity and rankings and SEO Service becomes easier. You can check link popularity via Yahoo Site Explorer, Google webmasters central, Google toolbar, SEOchat.com and SEO plugin for Firefox. The more you build links the more better your PageRank becomes and the higher the site is ranked. Always offer link worthy content and submit to RSS feed to improve SEO Service efforts. Also use keywords for hypertext links. This also gives contextual link building opportunity and hence gives better SEO Service results. But be careful linking to bad websites decreases your reputation.